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UniPin has Officially Open in Philippines

ashadi ang unipin philippines
UniPin official launch

UniPin has came to Phillipines!

Easy way to buy online game vouchers in the affordable prices.

Mabuhay Philippines!

Please welcome the new game payments and vouchers solution service for you who playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB. Introducing, UniPin, an online game payments and vouchers solution based in Indonesia that will help you to buy MLBB diamonds in the super easy way.

All the steps that you need to buy MLBB diamonds through UniPin Philippines service are UniPin username (please register if you don't have one in www.unipin.com), your MLBB ID (check it in your MLBB account), and finish the payment.

For you who don't have a credit card to buy diamonds through Google Play or App Store, you can use this UniPin service. The diamonds that you buy through UniPin will sent to your MLBB account in after you finish the payment. It's easy and real-time.

For the payment, UniPin Philippines have been doing a partnership with local banks and other third-parties service. So, UniPin customers could choose the simplest and easiest payment procedure that they want. UniPin also accept payment with Bitcoin and Paypal.

Besides providing service to buy MLBB diamonds, UniPin Philippines also provide and sell various gaming voucher for you who didn't play Mobile Legends. Some of them, for example are Google Play Gift Card, Steam Wallet, Aeria Points, and iTunes.

UniPin is one of the famous and trusted online game payment solution based in Indonesia. UniPin provides many online game payments and vouchers with affordable prices, specially for Mobile Legends diamonds. In Indonesia, they have very good service to its customer.

UniPin Philippines service for MLBB diamonds will be available on 10th June 2018, but the other online game payments and vouchers service are available now.

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